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Updated On: 03-01-2023 06:00 PM

Circulars of Vigilance Department, Deendayal Port Authority


Sr.No. Circular No & Date Subject
01 KPC/4015/247-Vig/293 dtd.19.03.2013 Award of Tender Works in DPT.
02 KPC/4015-Vig/(Insp.)/428 dtd.24.04.2013 Dealing of cases in Vigilance Department, DPT
03 KPC/4015-Vig/(Preventive)/576 dtd.08.05.2013 Not to send administrative references to Vigilance Department.
04 KPC/4001-Vig/627 dtd.29.05.2013 Pre qualification criteria-while inviting tender for procurement.
05 KPC/4014-Vig/Misc/790 dtd.18.07.2013 Submission of Annual Property Returns.
06 KPC/4002-Vig/940 dtd.13.09.2013 Vigilance Clearance in respect of HODs-reg.
07 KPC/4046-Vig/CHP/1033 dtd.29.10.2013 Complaint Handling Policy in DPT.
08 KPC/4027-Vig/132 dtd.03.03.2014 Rotation of Officials working in sensitive posts-regarding.
09 KPC/4015-Vig(Insp)/140 dtd.06.03.2014 Up-datation of Service Book / Personal Records of Employee / Officials – regarding.
10 KPC/4026-Vig/Insp/298 dtd.09/05/2014 Violation of DPT Circular on Compensatory Off.
11 KPC/4002-Vig/425 dtd.26/06/2014 Processing of MACP Cases and grant of Vigilance Clearance thereof.
12 KPC/4026-Vig/Insp/537 dtd.19/08/2014 Office staff leaving offices early before closing hours while performing duties beyond duty hours.
13 KPC/4006-Vig/Circulars/581 dtd.30/08/2014 Imposing of Penalty in Disciplinary Proceedings.
14 KPC/4002-Vig/639 dtd.19/09/2014 Unhealthy practice of approaching Vigilance Department by the individual officials for Vigilance Clearance.
15 KPC/4001-VIG/742 Dated 01/11/2014 Acceptance of gifts by goverment servants
16 KPV/01-A/11/14/26 dated 09/01/2015 Monitering vehicle usage in port-reg.
17 KPC/4015-Vig.(Misc)/321 dated 17/04/2015 Interaction and Sharing of Information with Press -reg.
18 KPC/4029-Vig/539 dated 08/07/2015 Misuse of the name of Vigilance Department
19 KPV/04/03-15/36 dated 16/01/2016 Scrutinity and analysis of tenders-reg
20 KPC/4015-VIG/INSP/AMC/538 DATED 24/10/2016 Vigilance Observations for compliance by the Departments.
21 KPC/4048-VIG/332 DATED 11/07/2017 Specifications/Scope of tender items.
22 KPC/4048-VIG/134 DATED 02/05/2018 Eligibility criteria in NIT’s
23 KPC/4029-VIG/253 DATED 04/06/2018 Public Procurement(Preference to make in india), Order 2017 (PPP-MII Order)
24 KPC/4021-VIG/448 DATED 18/09/2018 Expedite the Disciplinary Proceedings by following DO P&T Guidelines – reg.
25 KPC/4049-VIG/621 DATED 31/12/2018 Systematic Improvement in tender Processing.
26 KPC/4049-VIG/55 DATED 28/01/2019 System Improvement Pre-Qualification Criteria.
27 KPC/4049-VIG/57 DATED 28/01/2019 System Improvement Tenders allowing joint venture participants.
28 KPC/4015-VIG/PREVENTIVE VIGILANCE/234 DATED 05/07/2019 Preventive Measures for transport tendering systems.
29 KPC/4017-VIG/SOP/339 DATED 31/07/2019 Expeditious disposal of cases involving public servants due to retire shortly.
30 KPC/4049/VIG/139 Recovery of goverment dues royalty of quarried materials..
31 KPC/4029-VIG/141 DATED 08/07/2020 System improvement in tender clauses.
32 KPC/4017-VIG/276 DATED 19/12/2020 Timely finalization of departmental inquiry proceedings..
33 KPC/4049-VIG/76 DATED 16/03/2020 System Improvement.
34 DPA/VIG/PROC/2022/217 dated 05/07/2022 Manual on Procurement of goods,works,consultancy & other services updated by dept of expenditure..
35 KPC/4049-Vig/241 dated 28/07/2022 Recommendation for systematic improvement in various procedures-reg..
36 No 253 dated 10/08/2022 Modification of formats for vigilance clearance-reg.
37 No KPC/4027-Vig/376 dated 14/11/2022 Circulation of Department wise list of Sensitive Post and request to implement rotational tralsfer policy for officials posted against sensitive posts- regarding.