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Updated On: 07-09-2021 07:54 AM
Sr.No. Description of the issue Present Status
1 Development of oil jetty 7 at Deendayal Port through internal resources M/s. Kargwal Construction Co. Mumbai have been issued LOA on 14.09.2015. Party has submitted performance Guarantee and agreement on 06.10.2015. After execution of agreement work order has been issued on 26.10.2015. CRZ and EC are awaited.
2 Developing Marine Liquid Terminal Facilities at OOT, Vadinar (SPM & Two Product jetties) on captive use basis Project under conditions precedent stage. On request of M/s. VLTL due to non receipt of Environmental clearance extensions were granted up to 13.10.2016. M/s VLTL requested further extension up to 13.3.2017. – Board Item submitted to the competent authority for approval
3 Development of oil jetty to handle liquid cargo and ship bunkering terminal at old Kandla-PPP Mode Project under conditions precedent stage. Deendayal Port granted extension of time period for fulfilment of conditions precedents up to end of October 2016. The Conditions precedents are being fulfilled by concessionaire and concessioning authority. Expert Appraisal Committee of MoEF & CC recommended the proposal for grand of EC &  CRZ clearance in meeting dated 29.06.2016 and subsequently dated 21.09.2016. However, formal approval letter granting EC/CRZ clearance from the MoEF & CC is awaited.
4 Development of 14th and 16th Multi Purpose Cargo Berth through internal resource at Deendayal Port Authority SFC Meeting was held on 18.11.2016.
NIT issued on 28-09-2016.
Bid due date on 09-12-2016 for 14th Cargo Berth & 12-12-2016 for 16th Cargo Berth
5 Construction of Interchange cum ROB at Kutch Salt Junction (LC 236) on NH 141 SFC forwarded to the Ministry on 25.10.2016.
Ministry has forwarded the observation raised by the Development Wing, Mos, on 21.11.16.
NIT issued on 2nd Dec, 2016.
6 Providing rail connectivity to berth No. 13, 14, 15 & 16 from take-off point to west end of berth at Deendayal Port Board approved the award of Work to IPRCL.
IPRCL to prepare tender document and issue NIT.
7 Repositioning of 13th and 15th Multi Purpose Cargo Berth on PPP Mode basis Note on Committee of Secretaries (CoS), for repositioning of 13th & 15th berths has been sent to Ministry on 17.05.2016 for approval. The approval of the CoS is awaited.
8 Smart Industrial Port City(SIPC) within Gandhidham Kandla Adipur Complex Located at Gandhidham (Kutch)

Finalization of Master Plan

Final Master Plan submitted by Tata Consulting Engineers Limited on 01.10.2016 and will be approved in the ensuing Board Meeting.

Appointment of Programme Management Consultant

Consortium of M/s 3TI PROGETTI S.p.A, M/s Wadia Techno-Engineering Services Ltd. and M/s Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants India Pvt Ltd has been appointed as PMC.
Kick off meeting held on 30.08.2016.
Draft Inception report submitted on 06.10.2016

Appointment of Marketing Consultant

Consortium of M/s PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd & M/s Greysell Marketing
Promotion Pvt Ltd appointed as Marketing Consultant
Kick off meeting scheduled to be held on 18.10.2016

Commencement of EIA studies

M/s EQMS India Pvt Ltd appointed for Environment / CRZ clearance for SIPC Details sent to consultant for EIA application

Start of Tendering process

For site development by 30.04.2017