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Updated On: 01-09-2021 05:28 AM

Long term strategies

The long-term strategy of tech port will be adequate infrastructure and competitive tariff.

  • Additional infrastructure
  • Deepening the channel to handle vessels up to 14 mtrs. Draft.
  • Installation of eight ell cranes of 20/25 tons capacity.
  • Deep draft multi-purpose berths at vadinar.
  • Commissioning of 13th cargo berth.
  • Development of container terminal on bot basis.
  • Privatization of various port services.
  • E-customer relationship management.
  • Entering into long-term contracts with various exporters/importers who assure guaranteed traffic. To provide the required infrastructure and other handling facilities by the port and fix separate tariff of such long-term contracts.
  • Offering of the existing infrastructure facilities to various exporters/importers on bot basis to enhance the traffic.

Medium term strategies

  •   Augmentation of infrastructure facilities for handling bulk, break-bulk, container and liquid cargo.
  • Commissioning of 12th cargo berth.
  • Deeping of the channel to handle vessels upto 13 mtrs draft.
  • Commissioning of two new godown with 4300 mt capacity.

Short term strategies

Under the present scenario, the short-term strategy by deendayal port will be to retain the present cargoes and customers. The growth rate in the present cargoes and organizational growth of the present customers will translate into growth of the deendayal port, therefore, the short term relation is adopted by deendayal port.

  •  lowest cost strategy.
  • Retention of cargo based on strength of the port.
  • Making the efforts to overcome the weakness and threats
  • To adopt a pro-active marketing strategy.
  • Augmentation of the existing infrastructural port facilities.
  • The work relating to extension of customs bounded are for storage of bulk cargo by an area of 76.5 hectares is already under implementation and the total cost of this project is rs. 15 crores. .
  • It is also planned to provide railway siding facilities in the area at the estimated cost of rs. 10 crores.
  • It is planned to undertake dredging to handle vessels upto 12 mtrs. Draft and there by increasing the parcel size of bulk cargo and bigger container vessels.
  • A 50 tons bp bugs being procured at a cost of rs. 20 crores for handling ulccs at vadinar.
  • 210 meter quay face barge handling facility at bunder basin would be constructed with open stacking area measuring 40000 sq. Meters to store the additional cargo of 88000 tons. The estimated cost of the scheme is rs 18.97 crores.
  • Conversion of samakhiali – palanpur railway track to broad guage to reduce the distance by 130 kms. From the hinterland, to be executed through spv at the cost of rs.342.96 crores. Deendayal port shall contribute rs. 51.44 crores to the spv being 30% equity share holding of the 50% estimated cost of the project to be contributed by promoters.
  • Modernization and extension of railway network at a cost of rs.2.00 crores to enable faster movement of cargo from that port.
  • Four new godowns are being constructed at a cost of rs. 6.00 crores. The additional storage capacity of 85000 mt would become available.
  •  work order will be awarded to the lowest tenders m/s. Nec ltd. Vishakhapatanam after receiving clearance from ministry of environment and forest.
  • The scheme relating to procurement of eight ell cranes of 16 mt capacity and 25 mt capacity is being implemented at the estimated cost of rs. 70 crores.