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Updated On: 28-08-2021 01:28 PM

Dear Stakeholders, Trade Partners and Colleagues.

The Maritime Industry is the lifeline for global trade and commerce with 90% of the world’s trade being done through sea. The Deendayal Port Authority (DPA) has always been committed in its efforts towards creating a vibrant supply chain infrastructure to cater to the needs of National and Global EXIM trade. This Port, a gateway to the North Indian States of the country, plays a pivotal role in cargo handling operations. For decades, DPA has been a symbol of sustainable development in the areas of infrastructure, capacity addition, mechanization, rail & road connectivity, CSR activities etc.

Through implementation of various progressive initiatives, DPA has maintained its premier position in the country, without compromising on its commitment towards social and economic progress. Despite the challenges posed by an ever-evolving maritime sector, debilitating pandemic and volatility in international trade, DPA has relentlessly taken strides in creating a conducive logistical ecosystem. The Port is also progressively looking forward to bring in projects that support cleaner and greener shipping like the Green Hydrogen project, improving energy efficiency and enhancing ease of doing business through increased digitalization of Port operations.

DPA will continue to make its mark in the national and global economy by building a sustainable future for its people and society.


With Best Wishes,
Shri  Sushil Kumar Singh, IRSME
Deendayal Port Authority