Vessel Traffic System

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Updated On: 18-11-2022 05:30 PM

Vessel Traffic System

Vessel Traffic Monitoring System developed at an estimated cost of Rs. 188 Crores in January, 2002. The Scheme primarily envisages the safety of ships in the Gulf of Kutch and also security of the region and protection of the environment including the following objectives:-

  • Ensure orderly traffic in the entire GoK
  • Reduce risk to human lives, severity of accidents and environmental pollution
  • Improve waterways and Harbour Management
  • Increase shipping efficiency
  • Ensure Search and Rescue (SAR) activities
  • Help in detection of anti regulation activities
  • Facilities enhanced commence and traffic for DPA and GMB

The VTMS Scheme have NINE Radar Sensors strategically located at Koteshwar, Jakhau, Chhachhi, Mandvi, Navinal, Kandla, Balachadi, Chudeshwar and Okha for providing continuous coverage of the entire Gulf of Kutch. The VTMS Master Control Centre is located at Kandla besides Six Port Monitor Stations (PMS) at Kandla, Vadinar, Okha, Bedi, Sikka and Navalakhi for operation and management. Besides the monitoring systems of the Navy and Coast Guard at Okha too could monitor the movements of any ship in the Gulf for interception of any illegal elements. Sensors for measuring tidal and weather conditions have also been established. The data is transmitted through a microwave link. The monitoring is so specific and minute that even small fishing boats entering the GoK can be noticed by the radar stations and monitoring stations of the area.